Welcome to Wilson Beef Farms! We pride ourselves on our superior quality meat products that we guarantee unconditionally. You'll find Wilson Beef Farms on our 350 acre beef and crop farm in a small community in Upstate New York. This is where we raise our own beef and grow our own feed and that's how we know what good beef products really are! All of our fresh cuts of beef and pork are from our naturally raised stock. We do not consider our seasoned or smoked products to be "natural". Down here on the farm we eat what we sell and we only eat what's good. So we may not have hundreds of products like the big boys, but what we sell is like nothing you've had before! We'd like to hear from you. We're convinced that you'll find all of our products sensational. Please contact us with your comments of questions. All inquiries are gladly answered. Be sure to check out our Retail Store web page at www.wilsonbeeffarms.com.